What Is Some of the Information Asked for During a Background Check?


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For background checks, individuals are asked for a first and last name, date of birth and social security number. Multiple forms of identification may also be requested. From that information, most background check companies typically are able to find information on the residential, criminal, employment, educational and financial histories of the person they are looking into. Survey-style background checks may ask directly for information and then use that person's name, birthday and social security number to verify this information.

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Some background checks include questions about where a person lived before as well as if they had ever been involved in any criminal activities or associated with any criminals. These checks will ask individuals questions about where they previously worked, what their positions were, how long they held those jobs, why they left those jobs and how much they made during their time at those companies.

Background checks performed by perspective employers will likely inquire into where a person went to high school or colleges as well as what kinds of grades they received. Typically, this information will be verified by the named educational institutions. Companies may request information about a person's financial history such as any bankruptcies or outstanding debt to see if that person could be a financial liability.

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