What Is Some Information About Adoption Laws in Colorado?


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In Colorado, both children and adults can be adopted. Children ages 18 or under and adults ages 18 to 21 with court sanction can be adopted under the Children's Code, explains FindLaw. Consenting adults can be adopted as heirs under the Domestic Matters law; adults may choose to adopt the new family name.

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Adults over 21 and those under 21 with court approval can adopt. Spouses and partners in civil unions must file jointly unless they are legally separated, one party is the natural parent or they both previously adopted the child. Same-sex parents may adopt, and the court explicitly sanctions adoptions by stepparents in civil unions. The Department Of Human Services handles welfare and foster care adoptions and contracts with the nonprofit organization, The Adoption Exchange, to recruit families and arrange placements, according to FindLaw.

The juvenile court processes adoption cases except in smaller counties or jurisdictions where a day is set aside on the court calendar to hear juvenile cases, notes FindLaw. Litigants have 90 days to challenge the filings on legal or jurisdictional grounds, but in cases involving stepparents or fraud, the challenges may be filed within the year. While adults may be adopted as heirs, children are adopted by stepparents or other family members, placed by state agencies or referred by private agencies dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

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