What Information Is on an Absentee Ballot Form?


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An absentee ballot contains the same information as a standard ballot, including open positions and candidates, party affiliation, brief summaries of referendums and initiatives, and boxes to mark or check to indicate a vote. Absentee ballots also typically include a legally enforceable affidavit of identification for the individual voters to identify themselves by signature. The ballot also includes a special envelope or envelopes in which to return the ballot in secrecy.

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An absentee ballot is designed to give registered voters unable to attend polling stations on election day access to the same information and voting materials as voters at polling stations. Typically an absentee ballot is preceded by an election or voters guide with detailed information on candidates, issues and law changes on which a vote is being held. The absentee ballot also includes the date by which the return envelope must be postmarked to be considered a valid vote.

Each voting district or state can have unique absentee ballot registration requirements. Some states, such as Washington state, have migrated to a completely absentee ballot system. The presentation of information on the ballot can also vary from state to state, but always includes the basic information necessary for a voter to successfully cast a vote.

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