How Do You Get Information From 411?

To get information from 411, dial 411 on your phone and ask the operator for the telephone number of an individual or a business. It is usually necessary to supply a corresponding address to obtain a person's phone number, whereas a business' name alone is often sufficient to locate its contact information via 411.

The availability of a phone number depends upon whether or not it is listed. Some phone numbers are unlisted at the customer's request. 411, or directory assistance, is possibly free and provided by a cell phone company or the local provider of cable and landline phone service. Local phone companies have scaled back free directory assistance in recent years.

Other phone companies provide the service with some restrictions. Verizon and Qwest allow subscribers to request two listings per phone call. Let the operator know you desire two listings as soon as he picks up your call.

AT&T charges about $2 for each call to directory assistance within the United States, except in Puerto Rico, where the price is approximately 25 percent cheaper. Similar to other phone service providers, AT&T's directory assistance includes call completion, which entails the operator or the automatic response unit connecting the caller to the desired listing.

Callers may also receive the listing via text, but there is potentially an additional charge.