What Is the Information on Page 272 of the Proposed 2009 Health Care Bill?


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Page 272 of a health care reform bill proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009 concerns payment to certain hospitals for cancer care, according to FactCheck.org. Critics of the bill falsely claimed this page indicated care would be rationed according to the cancer patient's age.

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According to email chains and Internet sites beginning in mid-2009, page 272, section 1145 of the health care reform bill before Congress at that time allegedly mandated cancer hospitals to ration the care they provided to patients according to the patient's age, reports Snopes.com. The actual text of the bill concerned paying an adjusted rate to some hospitals to compensate them for the higher costs incurred for the cancer treatment they provided, according to FactCheck.org.

Congress did not pass H.R. 3200, also known as America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, notes Snopes.com. Another bill, H.R. 3590, also titled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, formed the foundation of the health care reform legislation often known as "Obamacare." Though the false claim about the contents of page 272 originated as inaccurate criticisms of H.R. 3200, the allegation eventually became associated with the Obamacare legislation and was used by critics to attack the health care reform bill.

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