What Are the Informal Qualifications to Be President?


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The informal qualifications of a president are a high standard of morals, ethics and leadership capabilities. These unwritten standards assume that the candidate is capable of maintaining a state above politics, while still working within the political system for the people of the nation.

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Presidents are expected to be able to handle the economic needs of the country by serving as chief economic manager. This is a role that typically requires the President to be able to unite the nation during times of major differences among political parties, lobbyists and varying agendas.

The presidential responsibilities also extend beyond the needs of the country. The President is expected to be able to contend on the global platform where he can serve as a world leader and peace-building representative of the nation.

This Nation states that many critics, scholars and politicians agree that the qualities to be an excellent president are often vastly different from the candidate's ability to run a successful campaign. A candidate is placed "under the microscope" where much of his private life becomes public. In order to reach a place of heightened power, a candidate has to be able to balance demonstrating power, while also remaining "one of the people."

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