How Do You Find Your Income Limit While on SSDI?


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Beneficiaries can find their income limits while on Social Security Disability Insurance by checking the current maximum earnings that constitute substantial gainful activity on the Social Security website, reports the Social Security Administration. The limit is different for blindness than for other disabilities.

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Social Security defines disability as mental or physical impairment lasting at least a year or likely to end in death that prevents a person from engaging in substantially gainful activity, according to the Social Security Administration. Substantial gainful activity is part-time or full-time work undertaken for pay or profit. Social Security uses earnings guidelines to determine if work undertaken by a disabled person qualifies as substantial gainful activity. As of 2015, the income limits determining disability are $1,820 per month for blind people and $1,090 per month for other disabled people. The maximum amounts change yearly according to the national average wage index.

Individuals qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance include disabled insured workers who have not yet reached retirement age, disabled 50 to 60 year-old people whose deceased spouses were insured and children under 22 with lifetime disabilities whose parents are insured, states the Social Security Administration. Adults filing for disability benefits undergo a sequential evaluation process that includes analysis of earning capability, extent of the disability, work experience, age and education.

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