What is included in a legal motion?


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A legal motion must include a first page called a Notice of Motion, an affidavit of support and any other material that may help the court make a decision about the motion, states NYCourts.gov. The Notice of Motion informs the opposing side the date of the motion's hearing, and depending on the court's regulations and the notice's delivery method, the notice needs to give the opposing side proper time to respond.

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The motion must be scheduled during a weekday, so the court is able to her it, explains NYCourts.gov. It must also include the address of the courthouse, the courtroom number and the time of the hearing. The Notice of Motion must also include information for the court and the opposing side about what the motion is asking of the court.

The affidavit of support, also included as part of the full legal motion, is a sworn statement signed by a notary public that tells the court why it should allow the motion, says NYCourts.gov. Such an argument includes information about what the motion requests and the reasons for it, pertinent information about the case if the party asking for the motion has made this request before, and if so, why the party is making the request again.

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