How Do You Include a Directory Listing in the White Pages?

White Pages charges a fee for listing a business. Its portal, White Pages Pro, lets users try the service for free and get a feel for developing a custom listing. For a basic listing, however, users can submit their businesses to the printed white pages or local 411 directory for free through sites like or

To list a business in the printed white pages, contact your local phone company. In some cases, buying a listing in the local yellow pages gives you a listing in the local white pages as well. You may even be able to update your listing online between printings.

Oftentimes, listing a business in one of the online 411 directories ensures it is included in several others. While these listings usually are free, they are also fairly generic. For instance, List Yourself! lets you list your business name and number in 411 directory assistance, which is a consistently popular service for people who prefer to use the telephone.

For more customized listings, refer to services such as, which offer paid listings. In addition to helping you develop the listing itself, paid services may also help collect marketing data for growing and developing marketing efforts.