What Are Some Important Points in the Annotated Tennessee Code?


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The Tennessee Code imposes mandatory imprisonment for driving under the influence, criminalizes the sharing of passwords for Internet streaming services and allows corporal punishment in schools, indicates FindLaw. Under the Code, a pregnant woman to be charged with a crime if she uses drugs that cause harm to the baby. Tennessee law allows no-fault divorce for childless couples. Otherwise, it permits divorce only in cases of infidelity, bigamy, addiction and spousal cruelty.

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The Tennessee Code Annotated codifies statutes adopted by the Tennessee legislature, explains the Tennessee General Assembly. After a bill becomes a law, the Tennessee Code Commission incorporates it into the Code and adds annotations. It takes the Code Commission about six months to update the code after the completion of a legislative session.

The Tennessee Code prohibits drivers from possessing open containers of alcoholic beverages but does not regulate passengers, notes Defending Tennessee. Drivers that violate this law are subject only to a fine. However, the Code permits cities and counties to adopt local ordinances imposing more restrictive open container laws, which some cities, such as Knoxville, have done.

The Tennessee Code requires drivers to wear seat belts and use child restraints, reports The Thomas Law Firm. Tennessee law also mandates that drivers yield to emergency vehicles and prohibits texting while driving.

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