What Are Some Important Immigration Issues?


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As of November 2015, some important immigration issues include earned citizenship, streamlining legal immigration, border security and enforcing laws concerning employers hiring illegal immigrants, as the White House explains. The president has passed executive actions that address these issues in a variety of ways, but he is seeking to work out an agreement for major immigration reform.

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The manner and length of the period of a pathway to citizenship for current illegal immigrants in the United States has proven to be one of the most problematic issues in immigration reform, according to the White House. As of 2015, President Barack Obama has provided a proposal to a path for citizenship that involves passing background checks as well as paying taxes and applicable penalties. The White House's immigration reform proposal also addresses restructuring the process of legal immigration as a strategic goal, as its official website describes. The proposal involves attracting both foreign entrepreneurs and students by streamlining the legal process.

Some of the stumbling blocks in any recent agreement attempts have arisen in regard to border security, explains the White House. The current administration proposes to continue to strengthen the border by enhancing infrastructure and technology as well as by cooperating with local authorities. Finally, there can be no complete reform without more stringent enforcement of current laws regarding the hiring of illegal workers in the United States. The White House has proposed holding such businesses more accountable for their actions.

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