What Are Some Important Florida Laws and Statutes?


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Important Florida laws and statutes include injury lawsuit filing deadlines, Florida's Comparative Negligence law, no-fault car insurance laws and liability laws for dog bite or attack cases, as AllLaw details. Florida also restricts the amount of money that injured individuals can receive in certain cases, such as slip-and-fall injuries.

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The Florida deadline and statute for filing an injury lawsuit is typically four years from the date of the accident, which allows the injured party that amount of time to file suit in civic courts. However, if the injury does not appear until much later and is found to be the result of the accident, this deadline can be extended, as AllLaw explains. For injury claims filed against a government organization, such as a city, county or state, the deadline is three years as of 2015.

Florida's Comparative Negligence law allows those accused of causing an injury to defend themselves by proving that the fault of the accident lies with the accuser, or the injured party. These cases tend to find a middle ground on which each party comes away with a satisfactory result, such as the defendant being liable for only part of the costs associated with the accident, according to AllLaw.

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