What Is Some Important Divorce Advice for Men?


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Some important divorce advice for men includes maintaining documents and records, maintain insurance policies and avoid any big purchases during the divorce, according to About.com. Getting a good divorce lawyer is also recommended.

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When going through a divorce, move important documents somewhere safe, says About.com. The wife is likely to go through documents for her own case and might even use them against you. Any documents that are yours and yours alone should be moved to a friend’s house or given directly to your attorney. Ask your attorney what documents you need to keep safe. When it comes to finances, be smart about handling it. Don’t take all the money from a joint bank account, but splitting it in half might be legal. Consult an attorney. However, don’t try to take all the money and leave your wife and children without any spending money.

Apply for a credit card in your own name, and consider closing joint credit cards, notes About.com. This protects you and your wife from making large expenses and running up the credit card. You are both then responsible for your own expenses. With insurance, don’t drop your wife or children from any policies, including life, homeowner’s insurance and car insurance.

Keep a list of all your personal belongings, looking at everything you owned together and before getting married, according to About.com. Belongings you purchased after getting married is mutual property, so you need to value these items and choose which items you want to keep.

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