What Are the Implications of the Bacolod Scandal?


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The implications to be drawn from the Bacolod scandal, as stated by the school principal, are that students should avoid performing similar actions and do well in school or face discipline from both their schools and the criminal justice system. In addition, parents should communicate regularly with their children to see how they are doing and prevent such incidents.

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The Bacolod scandal of 2014 involved a 14-year-old female student who was recorded having sex with a male student on the grounds of their high school while two other male students watched and took video. Early reports stated that the male student performing the sexual acts was 20 years old. Bacolod is located in the Philippines, where, as of 2015, the age of consent is 12 years old. This means the sex between the two students was not considered statutory rape, despite the large age disparity.

Video of the two students having sex was uploaded to social media. One month afterward, the principal moved to investigate the case after being alerted to the incident by the girl's parents. The students and their parents and guardians were questioned, and the school was directed by the Department of Education to press charges. The case was also reported to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Besides disciplining the students directly involved, the school sought to discover the identity of whomever initially uploaded the video, in order to press criminal charges against that person as well. The high school was assigned two extra guards following the incident, to prevent further sexual shenanigans from occurring.

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