How Do You Find Immigration Forms and Fee Information?


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Immigration forms and fee information are available online at USCIS.gov, according to U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services. All forms, and information about their applicable fees, are accessible by clicking the Forms heading. As of 2015, information is also available by calling 800-375-5283. Teletype assistance is available at 800-767-1833.

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The Forms heading provides links to specific immigration forms, all USCIS forms and information about filing fees, explains U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services. Details about e-filing and ordering forms by mail or telephone are also accessible via the Forms heading. The right side column of the Forms drop-down menu provides links to category-based forms, including citizenship and naturalization, Green card, family, employment and adoption forms.

The Forms page provides a list of the most searched forms on the left side, notes U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Forms Information link offers information on application expedition criteria; fingerprints; Form I -797 types and instructions; and how to order forms by telephone or mail. The Filing Fees link provides fee waiver guidance, immigrant fees information and instructions on how to pay the fees. The fee for each form type is located in each form's instructions. Form G-1055, Fee Schedule, also provides fee information. The schedule is accessible by clicking the Filing Fees link on the left side of the Forms Web page.

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