What Are Some Illegal Tactics Paparazzi Photographers Use to Get Photos of Celebrities?


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Paparazzi are routinely accused of illegal behavior, including disorderly conduct, trespassing and harassment. In 2003, Jennifer Aniston sued for invasion of privacy when a "pap" entered a neighboring yard and snapped her sunbathing topless; the photographer had to fork over a $550,000 settlement payment to conclude the matter.

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As industry competition intensifies and snagging that high-paying shot grows increasingly more difficult, paparazzi can easily feel the pressure and resort to more extreme tactics. Some will block a star's vehicle to not only get some pictures, but also in hopes of provoking and photographing an angry reaction. Paparazzi are frequent recipients of reckless driving charges for pursuing celebrities by car; others have faced more serious punishment for inadvertently or intentionally forcing their prey off the road, and even – in the vein of Princess Diana's 1997 demise causing serious, multiple-car accidents.

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