Is It Illegal to Make a Bank Statement?


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Under Section 1001 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, it is illegal to make false or fraudulent reports, books, bills of exchange, certificates, drafts and statements intentionally. Making and using falsified entries with the intent of misleading is chargeable under federal law, states Legal Information Institute.

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Making of any entries by individual parties or by those related to a banking institution is only permissible with the institution’s permission, particularly the directors or official authorities. If the intent of falsifying documents is to acquire benefits such as property, loans, contracts, commissions, profit or money illegally, the act qualifies as fraud, according to Legal Information Institute.

If such a crime is confirmed, it attracts a jail term of not more than 30 years or a fine not exceeding $1 million, as reported by Legal Information Institute.

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