What Is an Ideological Party?

ideological-party Credit: Liam Bailey/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

An ideological party is a group of individuals who share a set of ideas about politics and economy. The two-party system of the United States is based on two sets ideological ideas. In general, Republicans and Democrats have different views about the level of government necessary to maintain society as well as social issues, such as abortion, capital punishment, social welfare, race, property ownership and individual freedom.

Ironically, although Democrats are largely thought of as America's liberal ideological party while Republicans are viewed as America's conservative ideological party, both parties are based on classical liberalism. This means that while there is disagreement between the two, they are based more or less on similar principles of freedom, the limited involvement of government in citizens' affairs and the free market. In spite of disagreements, multiple ideologies is what drives the American government. A December 2013 Washington Post article argues that the American public actually thrives on the presentation of different ideals and the idea of having multiple viewpoints from which to choose. This is based on the idea that the number of Americans who are unrelenting in their ideologies is actually very nominal, and the presentation of issues from multiple angles actually helps Americans in forming opinions.