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A person can typically get an identification card through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) located in the state where they live, explains Law Help. Each state is governed by it own local motor vehicle bureau, so requirements for obtaining an ID card may vary from state to state.

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The Department of Motor Vehicles is also called the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Office of Motor Vehicles in some states, according to Wikipedia. Many states have similar requirements and forms that are necessary to apply for an identification card. In the District of Columbia applicants do not have to be citizens of the United States but they must be residents of the District of Columbia, explains Law Help. In order to qualify to receive an ID card in that state, applicants must be able to verify their date of birth, identity, social security number and their District of Columbia residency status.

In lieu of a driver's license, a person may need to have an identification card when he starts a new job. Having an identification card is also typically necessary in order to qualify for and receive public health benefits and other local government services.

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