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ICS 200 refers to a level of the Incident Control System primarily concerned with the basics of managing emergency situations, as opposed to ICS 300, which addresses more advanced ICS management topics. The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency offers courses collectively referred to as ICS-200, designed to provide instruction to people likely to function as leaders within the Incident Command System during emergencies such as terrorists incidents, hostage crises and natural disasters.

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Many organizations offer courses on ICS 200, with topics typically including leadership, management, functional areas, briefings and transfer of command. Many governmental and non-governmental entities involved with emergency response require employees to complete various ICS courses in order to hold certain positions. On its website at Training.FEMA.gov, FEMA provides several ICS courses, including online study courses, such as IC-200.B: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents and IS-230.D: Fundamentals of Emergency Management.

The Incident Command System is a standardized structure used by governments and other entities around the world for command, control and communication functions during response to emergencies. It was initially designed in the 1960s to address problems associated with inter-agency responses to wildfires in the Southwestern United States, and is now used as an approach to managing hazardous situations of all types.

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