Is a Husband Entitled to His Deceased Wife's Social Security Benefits?


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Widows and widowers are entitled to their deceased spouse's Social Security benefits under a provision called survivor's benefits, according to CNN. Widows and widowers who have reached the full retirement age, which is 65 to 67 depending on date of birth, are entitled to the full amount of spousal benefits.

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As of January 2015, widows and widowers with a child under 16 are entitled to 75 percent of their deceased spouse's benefits, reports the Social Security Administration. Widows and widowers under age 60 receive reduced benefits. Disabled widows and widowers receive their deceased spouse's benefits if they are at least 50 and their disability started at least seven years before the Social Security recipient dies. Remarriage after the age of 60, or 50 if disabled, does not affect the surviving spouse's ability to receive benefits.

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