What Are Some Facts About Human Rights?


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In the world, up to 300,000 children fight as soldiers; citizens are monitored while on the Internet and imprisoned for expressing their views; political killings have occurred in 61 countries; and capital punishment is practiced in a third of countries, says Facing the Future. Ethnic cleansing is also practiced.

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What Are Some Facts About Human Rights?
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The Sudanese government and rebel forces in the Darfur region of the Sudan are both engaged in the violation of human rights and ethnic cleansing in Africa, reports Facing the Future. Over 2 million people have been displaced because of the long-lasting conflict. While a majority of the population has been forced to rely on humanitarian aid because of the ensuing conflict, humanitarian workers are often kidnapped, tortured and killed. Political killings were also reported in 61 countries in 2000, along with political prisoners reported in 125 countries and prisoners of conscience in 63 countries.

In areas where children are made to fight as soldiers, they are often abducted and forced to participate, while others join because of consequences such as poverty, according to Facing the Future. These children are separated from their families and cut off from any educational opportunities. In China and other countries, citizens have been arrested for using the Internet to spread information about human rights or contact foreign researchers.

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