How Does HUD Help Homeless Women?

Homeless women can seek shelter in properties participating in the Department of Housing and Urban Development single room occupancy program. Under this program, a single homeless woman can rent a private room or an efficiency studio apartment in a home or building designated to provide Section 8 housing to those in need. Low-income homeless women who are steadily employed can apply for the Section 8 housing choice voucher program. Vouchers are administered by the local public housing authority.

Single room occupancy properties are rehabilitated homes or buildings that landlords agree to make available for rental to homeless men and women. Homeless women occupying an SRO property rent a room and share common living spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room. There is no guarantee that an SRO home is available for women only, since homeless women represent 30 percent of homeless persons living in this type of home. SRO homes provide homeless women with an opportunity to have a permanent address, and Section 8 assistance helps pay the rent for as long as the individual remains in the program.

The Section 8 housing choice voucher program provides eligible women with rental assistance, but it's up to the homeless individual to find a suitable place to rent. The downside with this program is the long wait to receive a voucher in areas of high demand.