What Are the Housing Requirements to Become a Foster Parent?


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Foster parent requirements vary by state, but most states require the home to meet safety, fire and sanitary standards, as well as to have adequate space to accommodate a foster child comfortably. Usually this means that each foster child must have his own bed, but not necessarily his own room. A foster care specialist confirms these standards during a home study, which is required in most states, according to eHow.

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In all states, a person must be at least 21 years of age to become a foster parent and must consent to a criminal background check. Anyone with a past history of drug or alcohol abuse or child abuse is immediately disqualified. If there is another adult living in the household, he also must pass the background check. The foster system also requires that the household brings in enough money to support the foster child or children, per Indiana.gov.

Once these requirements are met, along with the home standards, there is often a training course that the foster parents complete that usually gives information on how to deal with certain behaviors exhibited by the child, the legal requirements of fostering a child, and the type of people that are involved in the fostering process. The home study is usually one of the last steps in the process. For this part, a foster care specialist visits the home to meet with the foster parents and to confirm a safe and comfortable living arrangement, according to eHow.

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