How Do You Get Housing Assistance for Single Moms?


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Single mothers requiring housing assistance can seek help from organizations participating in the Emergency Solutions Grants Program, according to Single Mothers.us. The program assists qualifying individuals in paying utility bills, rent, outstanding arrears and even moving costs. Where necessary, the program provides landlord-tenant mediation and other legal services.

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How Do You Get Housing Assistance for Single Moms?
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Single mothers who require housing assistance in rural areas can seek help from organizations that participate in Housing and Community Facilities Programs, notes Single Mothers.us. These programs provide qualifying individuals with mortgage payment assistance and loans or grants for housing repairs. Housing assistance may also be provided by the Family Unification Program. The scheme assists individuals who, as a result of inadequate housing, face the impending placement of their children into foster facilities.

Single mothers in need of housing assistance may also be able to get help from the Housing and Urban Development Public Housing Program, notes Single Mothers.us. The scheme provides eligible low-income families with decent, affordable housing. To qualify, eligible families must have a household income that is below a specified threshold. In addition, prospective renters must provide character references who can verify that they are good potential tenants. The program provides assistance solely to U.S. citizens and families that are in the country legally. Applicants may be required to furnish tax returns, birth certificates and other documents that can be used to verify information provided in application forms.

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