How Often Does the House of Representatives Vote on a Budget?


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The U.S. House of Representatives votes on a budget every year for the upcoming Oct. 1 fiscal year according to a set timetable of steps. The timetable is available from budget.house.gov.

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Some budgets devolve into political standoffs, such as the one that resulted in a partial government shutdown in 2013. As BBC News notes, the 2013 shutdown was the first in 17 years. There were two partial shutdowns in 1995 and 1996, as two short-term spending bills ran out before the approval of a new federal budget. In 2011, the government also faced a possible shutdown, but a short-term spending bill allowed operations to continue from the start of the fiscal year until budget passage, as discussed on TheHill.com.

Although the budget process does have deadlines, in most years the deadlines are extended with continuing resolutions, as noted at Whitehouse.gov. Continuing resolutions allow the government to function under existing budget rules for a short time.

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