How Does a Homeowner Qualify to Participate in a Polybutylene Pipe Lawsuit?


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Homeowners should follow the eligibility checklist to qualify for the class-action lawsuit Cox v. Shell Oil, et al. Criteria, such as previously or currently owning a dwelling or unit with polybutylene pipes installed between January 1978 and July 1995, must be met for reimbursement of expenses, states Polybutylene Lawsuit.

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Polybutylene piping, used for commercial and residential structures, has a very high rate of pipe failure, causing water damage to the interior. Installation for lines, such as those leading to showers, sinks and other water using fixtures, includes the water service line from the water main to the building. The qualifying material for the class action lawsuit is polybutylene pipes and fitting for the plumbing system and PB piping without fittings for the service line, says Polybutylene Lawsuit.

Qualifying leaks do not include those covered under the installation warranty in the first year. Other polybutylene pipe leaks not covered by the class-action lawsuit, such as those from abusive use, leaking ice maker lines, leaks that can be repaired without going inside the wall and a leaking riser, are defined in the lawsuit, according to Polybutylene Lawsuit.

For reimbursement of repair costs, all requirements must be met. If a structure is purchased at a later date, submit a claim if polybutylene is included in the plumbing system, according to Polybutylene Lawsuit.

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