How Do You Find a Home Owner's Name?

home-owner-s-name Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

County register of deeds, fiscal offices, equalization departments or clerks offices maintain records that identify which person or entity owns a particular piece of property. You can find a homeowner’s name online through the county website.

Searching the online database of the Summit County, Ohio Fiscal Officer provides you the homeowner's name for property located within that county. The search function defaults to the current owner of the property, but the pull-down menu lets you refine the search for any year back to 2005. You can search by parcel number, route, address or owner's name.

The Genesee County, Michigan Equalization Department provides an online search to identify the homeowner of property located in Genesee County. To search this website, you need either the parcel number, the owner name or the street number and street name.

Macomb County, Michigan offers online property searches through the Register of Deeds. The SuperIndex lets users search Macomb County property records by homeowner's name, tax identification, parcel number or address. The search results include everything available related to the search term entered, including mortgages, divorces, judgments and deeds.

The Dade County, Florida Clerk of the Courts offers online property search, which provides a homeowner's name. In addition to name search, the site supplies search results using clerk filing number, recording book/page and legal description.