What Is HM Revenues and Customs?

What Is HM Revenues and Customs?

HM Revenues and Customs is the tax and customs authority of the United Kingdom. The non-ministerial government organization also ensures that sufficient funds exist to pay for public school services and targeted financial support for individuals and families. In 2005, the department was established by Parliament, and it replaced the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise.

The HM Revenue and Customs Department has the responsibility of facilitating international trade, protecting the United Kingdom's finances and administering the Government Banking Service. The department handles taxes (individual, corporation and capital gains), revenue, benefits enforcement and climate change regulations. It also administers the National Minimum Wage and is responsible for recovering student loan repayments.

For taxpayers, HM Revenue and Customs provides a fully virtual tax filing system that allows users to send returns and documents online. This system includes a Self-Assessment option that users select if they have a more complicated tax situation or are resuming self-employment after time away.

For employers, the department provides online access to payroll tools and software and allows both employers and employees to check the National Minimum Wage standards to determine compliance.

The department's internal goals, as of 2015, include closing the tax gap, improving efficiency and customer service, providing state-of-art information technology resources and maintaining professionalism and integrity.