What Is the History of the Democratic Party in Florida?


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The history of the Democratic Party in Florida shows the state voting Democrat almost entirely from the time of post-Civil War Reconstruction through the middle of the 20th century. Starting in 1952, the state began voting almost exclusively Republican. Since the beginning of the 21st century, however, the Democratic party and Republican party in Florida have become much more competitive, effectively making the state an important battleground for any presidential elections.

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One reason the Democratic Party in Florida became competitive with the Republican party again is the increasing diversification of the state. This is a result of Florida's population increasing at a rapid rate through the influx of many groups, ranging from service workers and retired individuals to many Cuban immigrants. This led to more economic and political diversity than most other southern states have, as its demographic population is much more representative of the country as a whole.

Highly visible evidence of the Democratic Party's resurgence in Florida was the 2000 presidential election. It took over a month to determine the results of the presidency, in large part due to the difficulty of determining Florida's votes for president due to both the very close election and a difficulty some residents had with the state's voting machines. In the 2012 election, Barack Obama won 50% of Florida's votes while Mitt Romney won 49.1% of the vote, showing Florida to still be a very politically divided state.

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