What Are Some Historic Election Results in Indiana?


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Indiana has been voting for Republican presidents throughout its history. However, in 1964, it voted for Lyndon Johnson, who was a Democrat, and in 2008, it voted for Barack Obama. The 2012 polls were also interesting, as the state voted for a Republican, Romney, instead of Obama, according to 270.

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The 2008 election was historical since the state voted for Obama, who was a Democrat, despite the fact that the state has been voting for Republicans since 1940, says USA Today. The state has 11 electoral votes and political analysts commonly refer to it as the ‘reddest’ state in the Midwest region of the country because of its tendency to vote for Republicans relative to other states in the region. Surprisingly, despite Obama being on the ballot in 2012, it voted for Romney, opting for a Republican over the Democrat they had voted for four years earlier.

There have been some correlations between Indiana State elections and those of the U.S. President. While Connie Lawson, a Republican, retained his seat in 2014 elections, Democrats won the sheriff and prosecutor positions. Given the voting patterns of the state, it is a historic event when a Democrat takes part in an election in the state and wins.

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