What Is Hillary Clinton's Religion?

2016 Democratic presidential hopeful and former First Lady Hillary Clinton is Methodist. Raised in a devout Methodist household, Clinton visited inner-city churches in Chicago as a youth and taught Methodist Sunday school. She is a regular churchgoer at the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington D.C. as of 2015.

Though Clinton may be considered more liberal than many Americans, the Methodist church holds several conservative positions. For example, the Foundry United Methodist Church welcomes members of the LGBT community into its congregation but remains opposed to same-sex marriage. The Methodist Church as a whole also frowns upon abortion, alcohol consumption and gambling, including lotteries.

Believing in personal salvation and faith, Clinton has declared the importance of prayer and her faith in her personal life and her family's. She is known to carry a copy of the Bible in her purse and is known to pray daily for discernment, wisdom, strength and courage.