What Are Some Highlights of Hillary Clinton's Political Career?

Over Hillary Clinton's decades-long political career, she has served as an advocate for women and children, supported equal pay, spearheaded 9/11 redevelopment, improved foreign relations, and increased minimum wage, notes Fox News. Her efforts at creating a united health care plan, though ultimately unsuccessful, helped lay the groundwork for the Affordable Health Care Act.

As the first First Lady to earn a post graduate degree and also the most traveled Secretary of State as of 2015, Hillary Clinton has a distinct record of advocating for the well-being of citizens within the United States and abroad. She was a strong proponent for the State Children's Health Insurance Program, a measure that offers state support to children whose parents cannot afford health coverage. She also helped initiate the Adoption and Safe Families Act, as well as the Foster Care Independence Act.

Clinton succeeded at increasing research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma, while also navigating solutions for illnesses plaguing veterans of the Gulf War, known as the Gulf War Syndrome. Within the Department of Justice, she created an Office on Violence Against Women.

In November 2012, Clinton negotiated a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. She also restored the signing of a Turkish-Armenian accord and had her hand in countless U.S.-led bilateral trade agreements.