What Are Some High-Profile Cases Handled by Jim Voyles?

What Are Some High-Profile Cases Handled by Jim Voyles?

Some high-profile cases handled by Jim Voyles include the New Jersey murder trial of Danny Tunks and the rape trial of Mike Tyson. Danny Tunks had been incarcerated for 2 years prior to his trial for seven charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. The trial lasted 4 months, according to Jim Voyles.

Jim Voyles handled this trial with co-counsel Pat Jennings. After the jury had been out for a week they returned with their verdict and Danny Tunks was ultimately found not guilty of the charges.

In the rape trial of Mike Tyson, Voyles was local counsel for attorney Vince Fuller. Voyles has blamed the guilty verdict on Fuller's failure to connect with the jury, since he viewed Tyson's defense as particularly strong.

Another high-profile case handled by Voyles, and one of his first, was the trial of Howard Willard for the murder of Marjorie Jackson in 1977. Willard ignored Voyles' advice of not taking the witness stand and he was found guilty.

Voyles has also handled some high-profile cases involving famous athletes from his home state of Indiana, reports WTHR. Specifically, Voyles defended Pacers player Stephen Jackson on grounds of self-defense and Colts running back Dominic Rhodes, who had been accused of drunk driving. He has also represented Pacers guard Jamaal Tinsley and Colts punter Pat McAfee.