What Are Some Helpful Hints to Survive Navy Basic Training?


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To survive Navy basic training, get in good physical condition by controlling your weight, exercising and eating healthy foods. Study Navy history and traditions, and memorize key Navy principles, command structures and orders. Follow the guidelines that your recruiter gives you about what to bring and not to bring to boot camp, including medications.

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Navy basic training is strenuous, so be in optimum condition before you arrive. If you're a smoker, quit smoking before boot camp. Practice push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and long distance running, as you have to do all of these to pass the physical fitness test. Put special emphasis on swimming, as swimming skills are very important in the Navy. Practice weightlifting, jumping walls and climbing ropes and fences.

To prepare for intensive classroom instruction, study the Bluejacket's Manual and the Navy core values, and memorize the Navy chain of command and the 11 general orders of a sentry. Do not bring extra civilian clothing, as the Navy does not allow you to store it during training. Gather together whatever you need from the list of required items, and leave behind whatever is not on the list. Do not bring over the counter medications, as the Navy confiscates them, and be prepared to turn over civilian prescription medications for replacement with military prescription medications. Bring a deposit slip from your bank unless you plan to open a new account with Navy Federal Credit Union.

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