What Health Services Are Offered in Alberta?

The main health care service in Alberta is provided by Alberta Health Services, which offers acute care, emergency care, dental services for seniors, drug coverage, optical services for seniors, home care, insulin pump therapy, long term care and midwifery services. These services are in addition to the basic services required by the Canadian Health Act.

Emergency services and ambulance service can be the key between life and death for some patients. Alberta Health Services offers not only ground ambulance services but air ambulance as well. The ambulance services respond to numerous calls and are responsible for stabilizing patients prior to moving to a hospital setting, as well transferring patients between locations for needed treatment. The air services are used and scheduled by doctors or emergency teams as needed and cannot be called like a regular ambulance by patients.

Along with the numerous services Alberta Health Services offers, they also have rehabilitation programs, which are set up to help with physical rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy and audiology or hearing therapy. Since these services are in addition to the Canadian Health Act, not everyone will be eligible for these services. Patients in long-term or continued care, getting worker's compensation or who have the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan may partake in these services.