How Do You Get Health Care Coverage in the United States?


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To get health care coverage in the United States, you must enroll at Healthcare.gov during a period of open enrollment. If the open enrollment period has passed, you may still be eligible for health care coverage if you are getting married, having a child or eligible for state-managed programs, such as Medicaid.

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How Do You Get Health Care Coverage in the United States?
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On Healthcare.gov, click the See If You Can Get Coverage link. Enter your ZIP code and the county where you reside. Mark the box that applies to what type of coverage you are seeking. These options include seeking health care during a special enrollment period, seeking coverage due to Medicaid eligibility or seeking coverage in the general health care marketplace.

Afterward, create your account on the website. Fill in your name and password. Depending on what type of coverage you are seeking, the questions that follow will vary. At this point, you may be asked to enter your employer's information, current income level, the size of your family and the number of dependents you have.

Choose from the list of plans provided, each of which offers a different level of coverage. Before confirming your selection, check to apply your tax credits to your health care plan if you want to further reduce the amount you are paying into your coverage.

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