Where Is Having a Bare Chest in Public Illegal?


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Many states, including Arizona, Delaware, Indiana and Utah, have state laws prohibiting women from exposing their chests in public or private places that have not been deemed appropriate for nudity. There are no federal laws that protect the right of a person who wants to go topless or nude or to prevent them from doing so, but local laws for each state dictate the tolerance for public nudity.

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Even in states where it is illegal for a woman to expose her chest, there are designated areas where nudity is acceptable, such as private facilities as long as the public can not view the nudity and also some public areas where nudity is accepted, such as certain beaches, resorts or even camp grounds.

Many states list indecent exposures as exposing genitals, but breasts are not considered genitals, which leaves room for argument with the laws. Arizona clearly states in their law that a woman who exposes the areola or nipple of her breast is committing the crime of indecent exposure with the exception of breast feeding. Delaware states a female is guilty of second-degree indecent exposure if she exposes her breasts. Illinois goes so far as to state anyone exposing a sexual part of their body with the intent to arouse or sexually satisfy their own self or another is in violation of the law. Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan and Utah all have state laws prohibiting the exposure of the female breast below the top of the areola.

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