What Happens When You Get a Speeding Ticket?

After someone has been issued a speeding ticket, he can either hire a lawyer to help fight the charge, or plead guilty, pay a fine and be done with it. However, depending on the speed and how many other traffic infractions are on a person's record, a ticket could have serious ramifications.

A speeding ticket is considered a moving violation and appears on a driving record. If an individual has pleaded guilty to speeding in the past, he may be in jeopardy of losing his license. Also, insurance premiums can rise as a result of multiple speeding charges. Therefore, it is suggested that an attorney be retained to fight the charge. Even if the individual was speeding, attorneys can work to get the charge knocked down to a non-moving violation. With a non-moving violation plea, it stays off an individuals driving record.

Aside from insurance premium rates rising as the result of multiple speeds, some states impose their own fines for having multiple moving violations. Lastly, an individual with multiple speeding charges faces the possibility of losing his driving privileges. If a person does not wish to retain a lawyer, he can still fight the charge by requesting a trial and providing proof to the court that he was not speeding at the time of the stop.