What Happens If Someone Gets a Speeding Ticket in Someone Else's Car?

happens-someone-gets-speeding-ticket-someone-else-s-car Credit: Rich Legg/E+/Getty Images

If a person is given a speeding ticket while driving someone else's car, he or she is responsible for paying the ticket. Speeding tickets are connected to the license of the driver at the time of the infraction, according to the Law Dictionary.

While each state's motor vehicle bureau maintains its own regulations regarding violations, a generally standard rule applies to speeding tickets and other moving violations. The motor vehicle bureau maintains a database of such violations, which are connected to each individual driver. Such records allow the bureau to keep record of the number of each driver's infractions. A speeding ticket will be issued to the offending driver and not attached to the vehicle.

There are situations in which the vehicle owner may be held liable in some way for the actions of a temporary driver. If the temporary driver is involved in an accident, the vehicle owner's insurance company may not honor the accident claim since most companies require a list of regular or occasional drivers.

Additionally, if the vehicle owner is also in violation in some way, he or she may be held liable for that specific issue. For example, if the vehicle owner does not have valid automotive insurance when the temporary driver is pulled over for speeding, he or she may receive a separate citation.