What Happens If You Do Not Pay a Georgia Speeding Ticket?

When a driver receives a speeding ticket in Georgia, he receives a citation with a date to pay the ticket. If he does not pay the ticket, the driver must appear in court to dispute the charge, according to DMV.com. Failure to do so causes legal consequences.

If the driver neither pays the ticket nor appears in court, his driver's license can be suspended, and he can be charged with contempt of court with a bench warrant issued for arrest. Driving on a suspended license leads to the license being revoked entirely and an arrest of up to 12 months for a first-time offense, according to Justia Law.

Should a driver's license be suspended for a failure to appear in court, the reinstatement fee is $90 online or $100 in person as of 2015. This is only payable after the suspension period is over or the original fine has been paid. Therefore, it is best to either pay the ticket or to appear in court by the appointed date, usually a month after the ticket. The price of speeding tickets in Georgia is set by the court in the county in which it is issued, according to the Georgia Department of Public Safety.