What Happens If You Have Lost Your Jury Summons?

The procedure to address a lost jury summons varies by county. According to the Superior Court of California in Placer County, if a juror loses his summons, the court staff can find his information through the court's computer system. However, the processing times are quicker and the process more efficient if the juror has his summons in his possession. Jurors are assigned by groups and are not allowed to change court locations once summoned.

In Miami-Dade County, Florida, individuals who lose their jury summons must contact the courthouse and provide a staff member with their drivers license or state identification information, according to Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade County clerk of the courts. This allows for the jury pool staff to locate juror information and advise on specific assignment locations.

The United States District Court of the Western District of Washington advises jurors who have lost their summons to contact the court immediately via telephone or email in order for a new summons to be issued in a timely fashion. Jurors are randomly selected through databases containing voter registrations, drivers license information and state identification information. Individuals are mailed a questionnaire to fill out and return to the courts. Receiving a questionnaire does not mean an individual has been summoned for immediate jury duty. Questionnaires are reviewed and qualified jurors are placed into a larger pool for future jury summons.