What Happens If You Ignore a Red-Light Camera Ticket?


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Failure to take care of a traffic ticket may result in a suspended driver's license, additional fines, arrest and spending time in jail, according to Criminal Defense Lawyer by Nolo. Although state laws vary, other consequences of ignoring a ticket include having a vehicle towed and increased insurance premiums.

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In states where registration or license suspension is a consequence of failing to pay a ticket, a reinstatement fee may be required, notes Criminal Defense Lawyer. An outstanding ticket may cause some states to deny renewal once a current license or registration has expired. Driving with a suspended license may result in another ticket or criminal charges. If a ticket is not paid by the due date, the amount of the fine sometimes increases, or additional fines are added. Ignoring a ticket may cause the court to issue a bench warrant, which can lead to jail time and additional fees.

People who choose not to pay a fine should still appear in court or submit a letter appealing the ticket, says Criminal Defense Lawyer. Information such as the amount of the fine, the due date and where to make payment is printed on the ticket. Unresolved traffic tickets should be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid escalating consequences.

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