What happens if you hit a highway marker?


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If a highway marker or sign is hit and damaged, the U.S. Department of Transportation should be contacted immediately, according to the organization's official website. If the marker is not damaged, no further action is needed other than accounting for possible damage done to the vehicle.

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When filing a damage report, the date and time of the accident should be included, states the DOT. A brief description as to how the accident was caused and who was involved should also be noted. If the driver has insurance, he should then contact his insurance agency with the same information and be ready to start the claim process.

Damaged signs and markers can be a serious road hazard for drivers, the DOT urges. If the damage is ignored, it could cause confusion leading to serious or fatal accidents. Depending on the circumstances as to what caused the marker to be hit, the state may require the driver to pay for any damages or replacements. If the accident was caused by previous road damage, such as potholes, the driver is not subjected to pay for any damages. In addition, the driver can file a claim so that the DOT can cover damages done to the vehicle.

Property damage is often covered by the driver's full-coverage insurance plan. If insurance does not cover the entire property value, the driver is responsible for covering the remaining restitution. Most full-coverage insurance policies require a deductible of at least $500 to be paid by the policy holder.

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