What Happens After CritiCall Testing for the Riverside County Communications Officer Position?


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If a communications officer candidate passes the CritiCall exam, the Sheriff's office requires her to fill out a pre-interview questionnaire, states the Sheriff's office. If the candidate does not pass, she does not advance to the next stage of the hiring process.

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The CritiCall exam is an automated test conducted in a simulated call center atmosphere. It is designed to evaluate candidates' existing knowledge, critical thinking skills and other abilities necessary for success in a dispatching environment. Candidates take the exam on a computer and must possess basic computer skills to complete the exam successfully. As described in the job posting from the Riverside County Sheriff's office, the exam's fifteen multiple-choice components include decision making, character comparison, call summarization, cross-referencing and memory recall, along with prioritization, map reading, sentence clarity, spelling and reading comprehension, and data entry. In order to pass the exam, a candidate must receive a passing score in all fifteen sections.

If a candidate does not pass the CritiCall exam, she may retake the exam after 30 days by contacting the human resources department. The Riverside County Sheriff's office states that it provides study guides to familiarize prospective applicants with the computer skills necessary for the exam, as well as rules for which agency should be dispatched to the scene of a particular incident.

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