What Has Happened in Scott Peterson's Case Since His Conviction?

What Has Happened in Scott Peterson's Case Since His Conviction?

Scott Peterson is on California’s death row awaiting lethal injection after his 2005 conviction for murdering his wife, Laci, and Conner, with whom Laci was pregnant at the time. Peterson’s life on San Quentin’s death row is very cushy reportedly, having his own private cell with a roof deck and basketball court, as of November 2015.

No one has been executed in California since 2006, so it is uncertain when, if ever, Scott Peterson will be put to death. California death row prisoners typically spend about 23 hours a day confined to their cells, however, Scott Peterson reportedly has much more freedom than the majority of inmates.

Although the judge who sentenced Scott Peterson to death called his actions “cruel, heartless and callous,” Peterson’s living conditions do not seem to reflect the punishment intended by the sentencing judge.

Laci Peterson was first said to be missing in December 24, 2002. In early 2003, it was discovered that Scott Peterson had been having an affair. Shortly thereafter, the fetus of Conner, their unborn child, washed ashore on San Francisco Bay. Laci Peterson’s torso was discovered the next day and a subsequent autopsy indicated that she was strangled or suffocated to death.

Recently, Scott Peterson’s attorney filed an appellate brief arguing that the trial court judge in Scott Peterson’s 2004 criminal trial committed trial errors, resulting in Scott Peterson receiving an unfair trial.