How Do You Handle a Parking Violation Notice?


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If you receive a notice of a parking violation or parking ticket in New York City, your options are to pay or fight the ticket, according to the official website of the City of New York. The city accepts payments online, by mail or in person, and receives disputes using the same methods. After 30 days, additional penalties apply. In-person disputes receive an answer the same day, but phone or mail requests take up to 75 days for completion.

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In Los Angeles, California, you also have the option of paying a notice by phone, explains the city's website. While the city allows you to request an administrative review, hearing or court appearance, California state law requires you to pay the ticket before the city grants a request for a hearing. A court appearance requires an additional fee the court returns if you win the case. Late payment penalties apply, and five or more outstanding tickets can result in booting and towing of the vehicle.

In Tucson, Arizona, you cannot pay parking tickets online as of 2016, but you have the option of using a payment drop box, notes the city's website. Within 30 days of the citation, you can request a hearing before a judge in the Tucson City Court. If you are found guilty, you are responsible for additional fees. Owners and operators have both joint and individual responsibilities for a violation in Tucson.

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