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In 2008, three professional athletes sued the Hammer Nutrition Company, claiming the nutritional supplements manufactured by the company were contaminated and caused them to test positive for banned substances. Amber Neben, an American cyclist, Mike Vine, a Canadian triathlete, and Australian triathlete Rebekah Keat each used the products and failed steroid doping tests during the period of 2002 to 2004, according to Pedal magazine.

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The lawsuit claimed that the athletes unknowingly ingested norandrostenedione, a steroid precursor, when they consumed a Hammer Nutrition product called Endurolytes. The plaintiffs claimed that laboratory tests of the product revealed it was contaminated with norandrostenedione, reported Pedal magazine.

Amber Neben received a six-month suspension from her sport after the United States Anti-Doping Agency found that she tested positive for 19-norandrosterone at the Union Cycliste International World Cup in Montreal, Canada on May 31, 2003. Neben received an 18-month probationary period and her 12th-place finish at the World Cup race was voided, according to USACycling.org.

Another lawsuit, Harabedian et al v. Hammer Nutrition, was filed against the company in 2014, this time alleging false and misleading advertising of its products, according to TruthinAdvertising.org. The lawsuit revealed that Hammer Nutrition resolved the Neben case confidentially before going to trial.

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