What Is the HAARP Conspiracy?


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Conspiracy theorists blame the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program for many occurrences, but the most popular conspiracy theory is that the U.S. Government used HAARP to control the weather. The U.S. Government put HAARP on hiatus in May 2013.

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HAARP worked by transmitting a high frequency radio signal into the upper layers of the atmosphere, known as the ionosphere. Researchers studied HAARP on the ground, with the aim of learning how the ionosphere affects radio transmissions in order to improve radio communication.

Various conspiracy theories involve HAARP in some way. In 1996, Rosemary Bertell expressed concern that it could be used as a military weapon, while the economist Michel Chossudovsky wrote that HAARP could trigger floods, droughts, earthquakes and hurricanes. There was also some concern in Russia that conducting tests in the ionosphere could flip Earth's magnetic poles. Other conspiracy theories involving HAARP suggest it was a mind control device, that it was aimed at neutralizing satellites, and that it was the cause of a low frequency background hum.

The book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" alleges that the U.S. military was trying to harness the electrojet, a river of electricity that flows into the polar icecaps. One of the reasons for doing this was that the military wanted to X-ray the Earth and talk to submarines.

According to the Washington Post, a basic understanding of meteorology and common sense are enough to debunk HAARP weather control conspiracy theories.

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