How Do You Find an H-1B Visa Sponsor?


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Finding an H-1B visa sponsor is possible with a traditional job search in a field of specialized knowledge. Foreign nationals desiring entrance into the United States under the H-1B visa criteria must have an employer sponsorship and meet eligibility requirements as professionals of specialty occupations, states the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Applicants to the H1-B visa program qualify for entry under the criteria of specialty occupations requiring theoretical or practical application of highly specialized, professional knowledge, explains U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Applicants must also have at least a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. They are sponsored by an employer listed with the U.S. Department of Labor as fulfilling the rules and requirements of the Labor Condition Application, or LCA. Those applicants contracting with a company registered as an H-1B visa eligible employer are entitled to request that the company submit the visa sponsor application on their behalf.

Once the H-1B visa is obtained, the U.S. Department of State allows up to three continuous years of employment in the country, according to USCIS. After the first three years of the visa, foreign nationals may request renewal from the USCIS for three additional years. The issuance of H1-B visas to founders of start-up businesses requires verification of a separate board of directors acting as executor and sponsor.

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